Everyone’s hearing profile, needs, challenges, and goals are different. During the hearing test appointment, a complete needs assessment is conducted and the audiologist and patient determine if additional accessories are needed in conjunction with the hearing aid for optimal hearing in different listening environments.

TV Streamers

Bluetooth technology allows audio to stream directly from the TV into a patient’s hearing aids. This is accomplished by connecting a small box to the TV and easily pairing the box to the hearing aids. The pairing between the TV box and the hearing aids can be done easily at the clinic with the help of the audiologist if the patient desires.

A TV streamer is an excellent solution for a patient who wants to improve clarity of speech coming from the TV by  improving the signal to noise ratio in the room. When connected and streaming, the patient has the ability to adjust the volume of the TV without affecting the listening experience of family members watching the same movie or show.

Basic Remote Control

A simple remote control can be an extremely helpful tool for patients who require an easy way to turn the volume up and down on the hearing aids. The basic remotes usually have a “+” button to turn up the volume and a “-” to turn down the volume. If additional settings or programs are inputted into the hearing aids, the basic remote can be used by the patient to easily switch between them.

Remote Microphone

Patients with severe hearing losses, and poor word recognition scores, often experience extreme listening challenges in noisy or even quiet environments. In such cases, a remote microphone can be worn by the family member or friend the patient is struggling to communicate with. When the speaker attaches the microphone to their shirt, their voice is transmitted directly to the patient’s hearing aids. This enables patients with more severe hearing losses to bypass the effects of background noise and speaker distance and improve overall understanding of conversation.

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