Patients who have purchased their hearing aids from another clinic and need to have their hearing aids repaired, can still come to Toronto Hearing Consultants. As long as the parts are available for the specific hearing aid, we can perform an in-house repair. Regardless of the age of the device, we will work at restoring function to the hearing aid if possible.

If the hearing aid cannot be repaired in house, but is under warranty with the manufacturer, the audiologist can send the hearing aid out for repair and discuss options for a rush repair (48 hours), or standard repair time (5-8 business days).

Hearing aids out of warranty with the manufacturer can also be sent in for repair if they are less than 5 years old. The majority of hearing aid manufacturers will not repair hearing aids after 5 years as the technology has become obsolete. All possible scenarios can be discussed with an audiologist at the hearing aid repair appointment.

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