A common question usually asked during the hearing aid evaluation appointment is whether or not the patient needs one hearing aid or two. If the hearing loss is in 2 ears, the recommendation is always two hearing aids. Just like a patient would treat both eyes for vision loss, hearing loss should be looked at in a similar way.

Advantages of 2 Hearing Aids

  1. Localization

    Locating the source of sound accurately is a result of two ears working together.

  2. Improved ability to hear in noisy listening environments

    Hearing aid directional microphones help the patient separate conversation from noise, when two hearing aids are worn. If only one hearing aid is worn, the ear without the hearing aid will still experience overwhelming background noise, making it difficult to hear conversation.  One hearing aid cannot compensate for both sides.

  3. Both Ears Stay Active

    It is important to keep both ears active, as hearing loss is progressive in nature. If one ear does not wear a hearing aid, it becomes “lazy” over time, and may experience more decline.Other benefits include improved sound quality, reduced sensation of tinnitus (ringing in the ear), and overall increased satisfaction with hearing aids.

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