The world is a very noisy place and often our hobbies or workplace environments can be dangerously loud, with the potential to cause permanent hearing loss. Toronto Hearing Consultants offers custom plugs to accommodate a variety of situations where hearing protection should be worn. Examples of situations include:

  • Work environment where noise levels are high enough to cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Motorcyclists needing protection from the sound of the engine
  • Operating loud tools (e.g, a chainsaw)
  • Shooting or hunting as a hobby
  • Physicians or healthcare professionals working in an operating room
  • Dentists working with loud tools during surgery

While over the counter ear plugs are available at the drugstore, proper fitting and retention can be an issue. If the plugs are not fitted properly, adequate sound attenuation will not occur. At Toronto Hearing Consultants, an audiologist will take an impression of the patient’s ear, ensuring a tight and comfortable fit of the noise plug once manufactured. . This ensures proper attenuation of sound levels to a safe level, preventing permanent damage to the auditory system. The noise plugs are silicone in material, and easy to care for and clean. They can be corded or non corded, depending on patient preference.

Types of Noise Plugs

The type of noise plug selected depends on the noise levels in the environment and how important it is for the patient to hear speech.

Solid Noise Plugs

Solid noise plugs provide a noise reduction rating of approximately 28 dB. This is the maximum noise reduction rating, and should be used when hearing speech is not important.

Acoustic Filtered Noise Plugs

This type is recommended for those who still need to hear speech or conversation in a very noisy place. For example, a dentist needing to reduce sound levels from tools to a safe level, while still needing to hear his assistants would benefit from this type of noise plug.

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