Whether one simply enjoys attending concerts and live music shows, or playing instruments as a hobby, customized musician plugs are strongly recommended to reduce sound levels to a safe level in order to prevent permanent hearing damage. Musicians plugs are customized, and have different filter options depending on how much noise needs to be reduced. The attenuation of the sound in the ear is flat, meaning the patient will still hear music clearly and naturally, while also being able to hear conversation if required. Musicians ear plugs are often also worn by bartenders, DJs, sound engineers, and anyone who finds themselves in an environment where it is important to maintain the integrity of music, but at a safe volume level.

Certain styles of musician plugs provide the user the ability to swap the filter, meaning the patient can purchase different ones and change as needed. For example, if working at a moderately noisy bar, it may only be necessary to use a 9 dB filter. Concert attendance may require 15 dB or 25 dB depending on the type of music and performer. The correct option can be discussed at the appointment.

Available Filter Level

  • 9 decibels (dB)
  • 11 dB
  • 13 dB
  • 15 dB
  • 25 dB

An impression of the patient’s ear is taken in order to ensure a proper fit for the plugs and sent to a lab for manufacturing. There are a variety of color options to choose from, making these plugs a trendy option as well! Caring for the plugs is easy; however, it is important not to get the filter wet in order to preserve its function. A detailed care and cleaning explanation will be provided during the patient’s appointment.

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