A good night’s sleep is critical for physical and mental health. Sleep is required for restoring energy and maintaining important body functions. When a person does not get enough sleep, their ability to think and focus properly is severely affected. Improper sleep over time can also lead to depression, anxiety, and other health concerns.

There are many reasons an individual may have difficulty sleeping. One of the reasons which we can address at Toronto Hearing Consultants is too much noise! City traffic noises, snoring family members, or living with a person who works shift and sleeps at a different time, can all interrupt a good night’s sleep and negatively impact sleep health.

Customized sleep plugs are an excellent solution for individuals who find they are unable to sleep peacefully due to noise interruptions. While the drug store sells foam ear plugs with sufficient sound attenuation to help with sleeping, the problem arises when they do not retain in the canal. Everyone has a unique ear canal shape; as a result, custom ear plugs are often required to address sleeping challenges due to noise.

If a patient decides to go ahead with sleep plugs, an impression is taken of the ear canal by an audiologist, and sent to the lab for manufacturing. The impression ensures the sleep plugs will fit the patient’s ear snugly and comfortably. The goal is to ensure enough sound is attenuated, while still allowing enough sound through for safety. They also are fabricated in a way that ensures comfort in case the patient is a side sleeper.

Sleep plugs are made of a flexible, silicone material and are easy to clean and care for. There are several designs and colors to choose from as well; all of which can be discussed at the consultation appointment.

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