A hearing aid can be a life-changing medical device. Hearing aids are devices that turn the sounds in your environment into a digital signal, that are then amplified. The hearing aid reproduces the amplified sound through a speaker in your ear in a way that you’re able to hear clearly and distinctly.

At Toronto Hearing Consultants, we provide full-service hearing solutions in Toronto for ages 4 and up.  Our services include hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid programming, hearing aid repairs, and more. We’re passionate about getting our patients the right device. When it comes to your hearing, you need to feel comfortable and get a device that matches the results of your audiology test.

OHIP can help with some of the costs associated with your device. We’ve put together this guide to OHIP hearing aid coverage so that you can come in knowing what costs are and are not covered by your Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

OHIP Coverage for Hearing Aids

You can get help paying for a hearing aid through OHIP’s Assistive Devices Program. You can qualify for the Assistive Devices Program if you:

  • Are an Ontario resident.
  • Have OHIP coverage with a valid health card.
  • Have a disability such as hearing loss that requires you to have a hearing device for six months or longer.

If your hearing assessment identifies hearing loss that must be corrected by the use of a hearing device, you can apply for OHIP coverage for hearing aids. The clinic completes this paperwork for you and submits directly to the government.

The OHIP Assistive Devices Program is not a means-tested program. This means that OHIP does not consider your income when they are determining your eligibility. Any Ontario resident with a valid health card who requires a hearing device is eligible to get OHIP coverage for their device.

OHIP Coverage for Hearing Aids for Seniors

OHIP coverage for hearing aids is not restricted to seniors. People of any age can apply, and parents and caretakers can apply for children who need a hearing aid. Seniors get the same OHIP coverage for hearing aids that everyone else does.

When Does OHIP Hearing Aid Coverage Not Apply?

There are two cases where you may be an Ontario resident with a valid health card, but OHIP hearing aid coverage does not apply to you.

The first is if you are already receiving financial assistance from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for a hearing device. This also applies if you qualify for WSIB support for a hearing device but have not received it yet. Work-related hearing loss is a prevalent issue for people who work in loud industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and transportation.

The second case is “Group A” veterans who qualify for or are already receiving financial support from Veteran Affairs Canada for the same hearing device.

For the most part, the only Ontario residents who do not qualify for OHIP coverage for a hearing aid are already eligible for financial support from other sources for the same device.

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Types of Hearing Aids Covered by OHIP

OHIP specifies which types of devices it covers. They include mid-level hearing aids and devices for more advanced hearing loss. This includes a number of hearing aid styles that you can find with us, including:

  • Behind the Ear;
  • In the Ear;
  • In the Canal;
  • Completely in the Canal;
  • And other types of hearing aids.

OHIP can also help with the costs of a personal FM system, where a sophisticated microphone and is worn by the person who you are trying to hear (such as a teacher or family member) and the audio is transmitted directly into the patient’s hearing aids

If you’re getting one of the devices listed above, OHIP can help you cover the cost of hearing aids in Toronto. Financial assistance can help make sure you get the hearing device that you want and need.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of device you need yet. Fitting hearing aids for our patients is all part of our process. We’ll make sure that your hearing aid feels comfortable and works for you.

OHIP Hearing Aid Coverage for Replacements

If you need to replace your hearing aid, you can apply for OHIP coverage under two circumstances:

  • Your medical needs have changed, and your current device no longer suits them.
  • Your device has worn out, cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost, and is no longer under warranty.

However, OHIP does not cover the cost of replacing a lost hearing aid or one that has been damaged due to misuse or neglect.

Taking proper care and maintenance of your hearing aid will help make sure that your device lasts for years, and help you get coverage for your next one. Our clinic can also repair your hearing aids if you run into an issue with yours.

If it’s been a while since you last replaced your hearing aid, you may want to ask us about advancements in hearing aid technology to learn about what’s changed and how new hearing aid technology can fit more comfortably, be less noticeable, or improve your hearing even further. Increasingly, hearing aids are benefiting from integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to improve performance. Newer devices can also connect directly to your digital devices, allowing you to stream phone calls, music, and all audio directly into your hearing device. Smartphone integration even lets you manage the settings of your device right from an app on your phone.

How Much Does OHIP Cover for Hearing Aids?

OHIP provides financial assistance for hearing aids but won’t cover the full costs of the device. The Assistive Devices Program will cover 75% of the cost of a device up to a maximum amount of $500 for each type of hearing aid. If you need an FM system, OHIP can cover 75% of the costs of the system up to $1,350. Once you’ve applied, the vendor typically bills OHIP directly while you pay for the difference.

When you come to our Toronto hearing aid clinic for a hearing aid, we will complete the paperwork required for you to apply to the Assistive Devices Program to get OHIP coverage for your hearing aid. We’ll help you find the right device that matches your hearing, as well as your preferences when it comes to style and comfort.

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