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Our Mission

Toronto Hearing Consultants is committed to your hearing health care. Hearing is our most precious sense and vital to our quality of life and safety. With a passion to serve, our audiologists focus on reconnecting our patients with friends, family and the world around them, all while providing a boutique experience for every patient treated at the clinic. We are dedicated to clinical excellence, advocacy for our patients, and early identification of hearing loss. Patients can be confident they will experience a great level of personal care at our Toronto hearing clinic.

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Meet Your Toronto Audiologist and Hearing Clinic Owner

Natasha Manji, Masters of Clinical Science in Audiology

Natasha is a hearing specialist who resides in Bloor West Village and is excited to be providing this wonderful, tight-knit community with independent and local audiology services, where patients’ individual needs, lifestyles, budgets, and goals are all integrated into the treatment plan. At Toronto Hearing Consultants, Natasha strives to promote hearing awareness, hearing conservation and prevention, and provide education on the importance of a baseline hearing test. Hearing health is often neglected during an annual checkup, and part of Toronto Hearing Consultant’s mission is to draw awareness to preserving this vital sense.

Natasha completed her undergraduate and Masters degree from Western University in London, ON. Western University is a world leader in the field of audiology, and only accepts a small number of students annually into its state-of-the-art program.

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Favourite Sounds

Natasha’s favourite sounds are biting into a crisp apple and pancake batter hitting a hot griddle.

Did you Know?
  • It takes an average of 7 years before someone with hearing loss seeks help
  • 35 percent of Canadian adults have some degree of hearing loss in the high pitches
  • 90 percent of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids
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Signs of Hearing Loss

If you notice any of the following signs, it is time to schedule a hearing test. Some people may experience all of the symptoms, while some people may experience just one or two. One sign is enough to warrant scheduling a hearing assessment and determining if there is any hearing loss present. Book an appointment for a hearing test if you experience the following:

  • difficulty hearing in background noise

  • constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • family and friends complaining the television is too loud

  • difficulty hearing on the phone
  • bluffing through conversation
  • feeling as if everyone is mumbling
  • feeling as if you can hear, but not understand
  • feeling exhausted after attending busy social events, also known as listener’s fatigue
  • tinnitus or ringing in the ear
  • withdrawing from social situations


“Audiologists in Ontario are regulated medical professionals and are not allowed to seek testimonials. We are governed by the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario(CASLPO), which exists to protect the public. Publishing testimonials or using any form of one in advertisements is strictly prohibited. Should you see hearing health care websites with testimonials, please be aware their services are not provided by an audiologist or regulated health care professional.”

The Hearing Consultants


We work with all insurance plans and third party insurers.


Unlike corporate hearing clinics, Toronto Hearing Consultants is independently owned, and not associated with a manufacturer. This allows us to work with all vendors, and prescribe the latest and best hearing devices and solutions suitable for patients’ unique needs, lifestyles, degree of hearing loss, and style preferences.

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